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All of our “Dried” products are made only from High Quality Georgian fruits and vegetables: List of products company “Geofert” can offer you: Dried apple rings, dried apple crackers, dried persimmon slices without skin, Dried strawberries, dried melon slices, dried tomatoes, dried mandarin, dried plums and many more! All of our products listed above are High Quality without sugar, gluten, GMO or any other additives. And most important, all of our dried products preserved taste and quality of fruits and vegetables. If you are interested in our products, you can use an online application service. All of your application will be processed fast and promptly by us. We thank you in advance, and hopefully you choose us. Company “Geofert” at your service!


Our list of Products

Dried apple, dried persimmon, dried melon, dried plum, dried strawberry, dried tomato dried mandarin, etc


„GMO“,gluten and sugar free

All of the products listed above are „GMO“,gluten and sugar free. Most importantly all of our dried products keep 100% of natural flavors.


High Quality Natural fruits

All of this possible due to the High Quality Natural fruits, vegetables and Premium Quality of our modern “Drying Machines”.


Without any pesticides

It should also be noted, that all of our fruits and vegetables that are used in our production process, are only Georgian and made without any pesticides or any other chemicals additives!


Good For Arteries

Natural products are kept in the best condition to ensure always fresh


Our Experience

Our Experience and use of modern technologies, gave us an opportunity to be successful and have high quality products, and allow us for even more development!

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